Solar and Green Energy


Going green where you live is no longer just socially trendy. It has almost become a must in tough economic times to save money on power and other things. So, it is likely that you have already greened up the inside of your home pretty good, but what about the exterior? Keep reading for ways you can go green on the outside of your home as much as you did inside.
Start a garden. You likely have some land around your home; why not grow food? Not only will this save you trips to the grocery store and money there, but it basically saves your land because you are actually using it instead of glancing at it out of your car window as you pull into your garage.
In addition to gardening, start composting. You would be surprised just how much of your home waste you can use to fertilize your garden. This gives you far better food from your yard, and spares the world the pollution that would have come from the transportation and disposal of your garbage.
In keeping with the gardening theme, install some kind of rainwater collection and storage system. Why waste your tap water bill when you can just water your yard during dry spills with liquid you saved from the last storm?
Go solar for all of your lighting. Practically every yard light or exterior lamp you could ever want now comes in a variant that can take in the sun's energy all day and then store it to shine for you brightly all night long.
Throw up a clothing line. Instead of using your dryer for wet laundry, hang your clothes up in the sun. Even on cloudy days, fair air temperature and a light wind can still get the moisture to evaporate from your clothes.
Consider small scale power sources of any kind that fit your property. If there are any streams, creeks or brooks running through your land, there are miniature hydroelectric generators that you can put in to come up with a little bit of power. Think about designing a whole landscape around a series of them down one bank. Small wind turbines are also possible sources of power for residential homes with enough air movement. 
Only use environmentally sensitive yard equipment. The primary contender for consideration here is the solar powered lawn mower. Using one of these means you will never have to buy gas for it, or pollute the air with the exhaust.
You already know a million ways that you can go green inside your home, and have probably done it all. So why not green up the outside of your home? With the ideas in this article, you can make your exterior, landscape and yard just as environmentally friendly as the inside of your residence. You can even wind up cutting down your bills more, as well as growing some of your own food and generating some electricity. Try out any of these ideas that apply to your home now!