Is my home suitable for solar?

To find out if your home is suitable for solar panels you will need to ask yourself a few questions.

Does my home get enough light?
If your roof is overshadowed by trees or other obstacles, then it is likely that you will need to remove these obstructions to get the full benefit of solar panels, or place the panels elsewhere. You solar panel installer will be able to advise you on this.
The best roofs for solar panels are south facing, but east and west facing roofs are also suitable.
Solar panels work with daylight not direct sun, so even on overcast days your solar panels will be working for you, producing solar power for you and your family.

Is my roof strong enough?
If the roof of your home is strong enough to support the weight of solar panels then your home is suitable for solar. Most Solar Panel installers will check this when they visit you – you don’t need to arrange this separately, but if you do want independent advice then there is no reason why you can’t use the surveyor of your choice as well.

Is my roof big enough?
The size of your solar panel system does to some extent rely on the amount of electricity (solar PV panels) or hot water (solar thermal panels) you and your family will need to generate to make solar a cost effective solution for you.
However, the minimum size of solar PV panels is usually about 10 square metres, and 4 square metres for a solar thermal system. Your roof needs to be at least this size, but ideally it should be bigger to ensure the best section of roof for solar can be utilised.
Again, this is a question that can only be answered by visiting your home and making the correct assessments, which is something your local solar panel installer will do for you as part of their quote.

Will my home need rewiring?
In most cases, your home will not need rewiring if you choose to install solar panels. Your solar panels will be installed by a qualified electrician, who will be able to advise you if you are likely to need any extra electrical work.

Do I need planning permission?
We have answered this in a bit more detail here. The quick answer is, in most cases, no you don’t need planning permission to install solar panels on your roof. But, If you live in a conservation area or live in a listed building then you will need to talk to your local authority. If not, then you are perfectly entitled to install solar panels on your property if you so wish. Your chosen solar panel installer will be able to advise you more on this if you are still a little unsure.

In answer to your question – ‘Is my home suitable for Solar Panels’ we say, ‘Get some quotes with trusted, local suppliers, who will be able to do a full site survey and assess whether your home is indeed suitable for solar’ Simply fill in the online form on this page, and we will do the rest. It’s free, fast and easy, and as you are under no obligation – you have nothing to lose!

What other energy saving measures could i take?

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