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Quotes to Compare have looked at the market for conventional gas boilers, combi boilers (combination boilers) , condensing boilers and back boilers, and we have produced a simple guide to help you see what you may be offered and to help you decide upon the most appropriate solution for you.

Once you have considered the various options, simply complete the easy to use on line form and we will arrange to get three local companies to contact you and offer quotations so that you may make your own comparison – there is no obligation on your part – it could not be easier. 

Conventional Gas Boilers

Conventional gas boilers burn fuel in a combustion chamber, which is surrounded by a water jacket. These are probably the boiler system which is most familiar to us all. The water, when boiling; is circulated around the heating system. The problem with a conventional boiler is that they are not that efficient, as much of the heat is dissipated into the air and also up the flue.

As a result of the recognition of some of these inefficiencies, the boiler manufacturers produced condensing boilers which take more heat from a given amount of fuel in comparison top a conventional boiler 

Condensing Boilers

These boilers are high efficiency boilers that are specifically designed to waste virtually no heat at all, out of the flue. Condensing boilers although environmentally friendly, only work in the condensing mode when the working conditions are correct – less than 50% of the radiators must be fitted with thermostatic radiator valves. Burning any fuel is not only an environmental problem it also wastes your cash but condensing boiler is extremely efficient so is kinder to you and the environment once installed. 

Combination Boilers

Great for providing both instant hot water and running the central heating, but not at the same time – they are "hot water priority", which means that when hot water is being run there is no heat output to the radiators. This also means they have low water rate, so they can only feed one tap at a time, but you don’t need tanks in the roof or cylinders in the airing cupboard, so you do also free-up lots of space.

If hot water demand is not a big issue in your house then combination boilers are probably your ideal solution- the take up little space, fairly easy to install and cheap to run, and it is great to have instant hot water without waiting for a tank to heat up.

Back Boilers

Some homes still have back boilers, hidden away behind the chimney. It is likely that you will only want this system if you already use similar – they tend to need lots of space and produce very low water pressure. They were always regarded as fairly inefficient but the modern ones are much better   

With Quotes to Compare we will undertake to supply you with three competitive local suppliers and / or installation companies (if you want your new boiler installed) who will offer quotations. All you need to do is simply fill in our easy to use on line request form, state your reference and we will do the rest – it couldn’t be easier for you.