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As the name suggests, a Victorian style conservatory would be the perfect enhancement to a Victorian house, but many other property types can benefit from the enhancement of having a stylish and elegant Victorian Conservatory added to the house.Some of the particular benefits of a Victorian conservatory are;

  • A softer feel due to their shape
  • Can be used on properties with height restrictions
  • Work well with smaller gardens
  • Particularly suited to period properties

The Victorian conservatory style is typically elegant and bold in its design, and has become one of the most popular designs of conservatory in the country.

Victorian conservatories add space and shape, typically with a hexagonal edge leading to the garden or patio areas.

The raised ceiling usually meets at a point, giving a sloping ceiling to add shape, increase the ceiling size and matching the sloped roof designs in a home, making it a perfect match to most Victorian and post Victorian home designs.

It is no wonder the design is popular with homeowners old and new.

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