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French doors are a traditional design with two doors that both open outwards. These doors usually have a panel area in the bottom half, and glass panels in the top half. Because the French doors have these panels of glass they are often also called French windows.They offer a series of benifits to the homeowner including;

  • Hugely increased natural light
  • Enhanced views of your garden
  • Easier access to outdoor areas

Originally popular in France, French windows or French doors,  allow for easy access in and out of the room, and can often be opened both at the same time as a double door, or singularly as a garden door bring the garden within easy reach of you home.

The range of finishes and options on a French door is huge, and might include;

  • Finished glass including lead windows, stained glass, tinted or bevelled.
  • Coloured uPVC surround, including the frame
  • Range of lock options, including latches, Yale key and deadlocks.

French doors are used frequently in orangeries, conservatories and P-shaped conservatories in particular, as well as an entrance/exit to the garden from the home.

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