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Side hung garage doors or side hinged garage doors as they are often known, offer a great deal of versatility and offer boons that include

  • Perfect for garages with non car usage
  •  Classic looks
  • Large choice of styles and designs

Easy to use

A traditional pair of side hung garage doors gives very easy pedestrian access without having to expose the entire garage and can be much easier for some of us in terms of opening especially where a door is needed to be raised up in its entirety.

These side hung doors are becoming increasingly popular where the garage is not necessarily being used for vehicle storage and frequent access is required (such as workshop or perhaps a games room).

Side hung garage doors provide a good solution if your garage is short on head room, and of course if the garage is well equipped internally with cupboards or shelving, then there may be no room for a door mechanism to operate inside the garage. In these circumstances the side hung door nay provide an ideal solution, and because there are no mechanism, coils and springs etc, the entire system is almost maintenance free. 

Lots of choice

There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from and some will offer a choice between a centre split of doors and off-centre split which means that you can have one side more like a standard personnel door.   

Security will not be compromised if you select doors with overlapping leaves so that you can have both top and bottom bolts

Electronic options

Many do not realise that you can fit a remote control operator to side hinged doors quite easily.

The only negative to consider is if you have a short driveway or open directly onto a public area then an outward opening may not be practical

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