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Alarms and CCTV

Having decided to increase the security of your home and your family whilst in the home, you need to decide upon the types of alarms you want, wired or wireless, possible CCTV monitoring and whether or not you want to go for a monitored alarm with fast response.Good reasons for a system are;

  • Deterrent to potential intruders
  • Choice of a large range of products
  • Greater peace of mind

Today, more houses are being broken into and family safety is being compromised.

Having an obvious alarm system will act as a deterrent, especially to the opportunistic burglar.

More regular burglars will understand that a “bells only” system won’t get an automatic police response and we are all aware today that we don’t tend to give a second glance to a house whose alarm system is sounding off – there are so many false alarms on car systems that we have simply got used to ignoring them, so you may decide that a fully monitored alarm system is more suitable for you. 

You will need to decide if you want a wireless system or not – wireless alarm systems do not require cables everywhere and are less disruptive on installation and do not necessarily need to have installers – most of the DIY systems are wireless, but they can have some real disadvantages: 

  • Likely spots where the system does not reach
  • Wireless systems run on batteries – forget to replace the batteries and your system is dead

Whichever systems or options you feel you want by simply completing our easy to use on line form, you can save yourself hours of calling. Quotes to Compare will take your requirement, and search our databanks and contact three local companies on your behalf you – These trusted local companies will then contact you to arrange a visit to assess the work and quote for you – couldn’t be easier.


Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) like so many electronic systems has come down in price so far that it can be regarded today as an economical method by which to protect your family and your property. 

Install CCTV to your home, record any suspicious activities and really deter criminals from entering your property. Some systems will even alert your cell phone so that you can see what the camera has picked up and if necessary, allows you the opportunity to call the emergency services.  A great advantage also is that you can record video evidence and date and time stamp the video plus the system can also be used to monitor your children, for example if you let them play by themselves in the garden, while you get on with other things.

Stay within the law

If you do install CCTV yourself you will need to remember that you must comply with privacy laws making sure that your cameras aren’t pointed at public space or other people’s houses or gardens.

Use a professional service

CCTV can be really useful technology but it can be tricky to get it absolutely right so for complete peace of mind and to keep insurers happy it is worthwhile having it installed by a qualified professional.

If your home security is important to you, then you need to shop around and choose a local and trusted company who will be readily on hand to help if you need it.

By adopting the easy to use service from Quotes to Compare you will not only save time, but you can have peace of mind that we will be working hard on your behalf to find three relevant local companies to quote for you.