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What is the Feed In Tariff?

The feed in tariff system is designed as an incentive for energy producers to move away from conventional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

It is government legislation which guarantees a fixed, premium rate for renewable electricity fed into the national grid. Power companies are obliged by the government to buy the renewable electricity, the additional costs of which are passed onto the customers.

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Earn money back from your Solar Panels

Residential households can take advantage of the feed in tariff too, and produce spare electricity from their solar panels which can be fed back in to the national grid.

  • After installation, electricity from solar energy is free
  • Get a guaranteed price on electricity sold to the national grid
  • Receive up to 43.3p per kWh for the next 25 years
  • Make a saving equivalent to 9% per annum from the Feed-in Tariff
  • Feed-in Tariff is non-taxable, intended to increase at rate of inflation

Introduced in April 2010, the feed-in tariff guarantees that owners of small scale solar PV systems will receive up to 43.3p for every kWh of energy generated for the next 25 years..

With potential savings of up to 9% per annum you could get a better return from yoru solar system than banks are currently offering!

Solar System qualification for Feed-in Tariff

In order to qualify for the feed-in tariff your photovoltaic panels must have been installed by a Microgeneration (MCS) accredited installer, which means that prior to agreeing for any work to be conducted you need to be sure of your suppliers and installers qualification.

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Sign up to the Feed-in Tariff now!

Tariffs offered are due to fall by nearly 9% after April 2012 so sign up now to qualify for the full 43.3p per kWh for the next 25 years.

Will a Solar System pay for itself?

The majority of systems installed of good quality and by professional installers will have paid for themselves by the end of year 12 which gives you another 13 years of good financial viability under the feed in tariff scheme.

Now you have work out the maths you need to be sure that you will purchase the right equipment at a competitive price and have it installed by a qualified team who can advise you throughout and get you signed up to benefit from the feed in tariff scheme.

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