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Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available.

Installing solar panels in your home is a great way to save on your utility bills, guarantee a fixed energy rate for more than 25 years, cut harmful pollution and become more energy independent.

Solar energy systems produce no damaging emissions so do not pollute the atmosphere.

Developments in renewable technologies mean that the solar panel is more effective – and affordable – than before.

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Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Free sustainable & inexhaustible energy source
  • Solar is environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Solar energy is clean and does not require fossil fuels
  • Long-term, Solar is cheaper than conventional energy sources
  • Grants for Solar are available
  • You can sell any extra energy to the national grid
  • Once installed there are no running costs
  • Solar is not subject to constant price increases
  • Solar does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or radioactive waste
  • Fossil fuel reliance can be dramatically reduced
  • Solar is silent – no noise pollution
  • Solar energy is generated onsite – no transportation carbon issues

Earn money back from your Solar Panels

By producing your own electricity from a solar panel system, you can reduce your household utility bills and protect the environment.

With the right installation and equipment, it is not only possible to generate electricity to run your own home and receive the feed in tariff for the next 25 years, but also excesses of energy produced can be sold to the national grid.

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