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In an online guide "How to Buy Double Glazing" by Which? their first tip is:

"Make sure you pay a fair price. Get three quotes from three different double glazing companies, to give you a better idea of what you should be paying."

Quotes to Compare provide three FREE, no obligation quotes for double glazing from local, trusted industry professionals in your area.

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Advantages of Double Glazing Windows

  • Increased home security
  • Greatly diminished heat energy loss and minimisation of draughts
  • Variety of glass options from self cleaning to anti-sun
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Reduction of carbon footprint due to increased energy efficiency
  • Noticeable reduction of external noise

If you are considering improving your home there are an array of options available to you, but typically, the first that most people consider is to change their windows.

With good reason, new double glazing comes with guarantees for the quality and lifetime of the work and in a wide range of colours frame choices, window finishes and types of opening.

Double glazing has the main benefit of improving the insulation of your home, sometimes by as much as 40%. If you have double glazing already, innovations in the industry means we can still see an improvement in your insulation and heat retention by upgrading your double glazing.

Changing your windows can also increase the safety and security of your home, with new windows matched with the latest in locks and multipoint systems designed to keep your home safe, year on year.

New technology also means that window frames are now offered in a wider range of colours and finishes, meaning that double glazing can be fitted to homes of any age and style to without taking anything away from the style and elegance of an existing house design or period.

Window Types

Casement windows are traditionally the standard choice for homes, but this does not mean that all casement windows look the same. Casement windows are merely windows that have two hinges on one side to make for a secure, stable swivel open from one side.

Most window designs will come with an option to be completed as a casement window, and if you are looking to replace your windows with casement windows, click here for our free to use and easy to complete online specialist company contact form. 

For a more traditional window style, or a modern take on a traditional window style, sash windows are increasingly popular. Typically these windows are separated by muntin bars (or glazing bars), and are opened by sliding the moveable panes or sashes to open and close the windows.

Again available in a range of colours and styles, sash windows add further character to compliment your property. To get 3 local quotes from tried and trusted suppliers, click here.

If you want to add more character, increase the size of the room, and provide more options, bay windows are a great solution. Bay windows project outwards and form an area in the home called a bay, usually with extra seating or storage, but can be used for any reason to increase the space.

For more details and to get local specialist to contact you direct please click here.

Tilt and turn windows, as the name suggests, lets you open the windows at a tilted angle, or turn the handle to open from the side – like a casement window. They are particularly popular window options if you are considering French windows or French doors, tilt and turn openings give you more options for allowing the breeze in and giving the security that a casement window cannot if you are running the risk of intrusion.

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Whatever window types you opt for, remember that Quotes to Compare can help ensure that you get up to three competitive quotes from local businesses who have experience in supplying and installing the windows of your choice.

This service, which is completely free for you to use, makes it easy to get comparative quotes for windows, fast and at no cost or obligation for you.

At Quotes to Compare we make it easy to get quotes for new windows for your home, and ensure that the businesses who reply with quotes are interested in undertaking the work.

Whatever window style you are looking for, Quotes to Compare has an online contact form set up to make it easy to get your details to window companies that have experience in supplying and installing windows in your area.

Not only can we save you time, but the nature of competing quotes means you should save money through using Quotes to Compare.

The service of putting your requirements before selected local companies who wish to quote is completely free for you to use. This no cost programme lets you save time and money.

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